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Friday, 23 July 2021
  • Business & Retail domestic market

  • Eutelia provides customers with wireline and other telecommunications services, including broadband data services. These solutions include voice and data transport, enhanced and custom calling features, network access, private lines and public telephones. Eutelia also provides tailored services like, long distance services, customer premises equipment solution, data solutions and systems integration, Internet access services and ASP solution.
  • Value Added Services

  • Eutelia aims to provide services specifically tailored to Content Providers. Eutelia offer provide a wide range of solutions. Different types of access solution are avaible. All the solution are web based for a complete customer control.
  • Wholesale Narrow & Broadband Services

  • Eutelia aims to provide services specifically tailored to fit wholesale market, offering Carriers, reseller and Service Provider a wide range of products. Eutelia has dedicated a specialized sales force to the specific needs of such a market adopting a consultancy approach aimed to guide Customers in the development of their business and advising on the most suitable solutions for voice/data/internet services. The service portfolio ranges from turn key solutions to the supply of infrastructures, meeting the requirements of all types of Customers, from switchless resellers to international carriers.
  • Eutelia VoIP: next generation voice solution

  • Eutelia VoIP is the network that allows you to speak all over the world for free through your Internet connection. You can call using your computer by downloading simple software (Phone Software) for free, either using Voip telephones or traditional telephones (also portable ones) when linked to Voip Gateway. Eutelia VoIP uses an open technology based on Sip protocol that makes the network compatible with the totality of telephones, switchboards and Voip equipment of every brand.
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